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Since 2009 pure Lounge and Chillout sounds

Best selection of relax music, Spa ambient, Meditation, Lounge
Our mission is to provide the best sounds
that ambient has to offer.
Just great music!

Commercial Free, NO Ads and ANY interruptions, that’s the way we feel.
This is COTN Radio since 11 Years one of the first free lounge channel.
Our radio is used by restaurants, bars as backround.
Our listeners love listen COTN Radio during the day in office, reading a book or studiynig.

Songs history
Listen on Online Radio Box! 1.FM - Absolute TOP 40 Radio
Ava USAMark UKJeana CZClaudio IT
Fantastic ! As always COTN Radio keeps me nice and chilled. So easy to relax to, doesn't matter whether it's a late night by a roaring fire or evenings down by the beach with a cold beer.
This radio station always plays the music I love it.
Mark UK
One of my few favorite radio stations I listen to. I usually listen in the mornings and evenings
Jeana CZ
Ambient radio seem all sound alike, but COTN absolutely requires the listener to mix a batch of caprihana's, dim the lights, and take in a view of the cityscape on a warm spring/summer evening!
Claudio IT